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In rooms showing a too small volume or a too high attenuation, a deficit in the reverberation energy for the performance of classical music is created in the room. The performance becomes dry and blunt. Especially for the musicians themselves such an atmosphere is unsatisfactory.
In general music without reverberation is perceived as unnatural. Music produced in the studio or played live is usually mixed with electronic reverberation. This corresponds to the expectation of the listener and therefore is not consciously perceived. Depending on taste or expectation, the share of reverberation may be higher or lower.

For the performance of classical music, the room is like an instrument that shapes the perception of music. The extent of reverberation and its sound quality is normally depending on the conditions of the room and cannot be changed. Here, quickly comes up the question as to an ideal reverberation time. This does not exist. Each kind of performance and also each room size require a certain amount of reverberation energy to appropriately suit music style and room size. Rooms determined for a multifunctional usage cannot comply with all requirements, as each kind of spectacle or performance has its own special demands. A room or a hall for multipurpose usage primarily optimized for speech cannot offer optimum concert acoustics for classical music without further treatments. Both kinds are mutually exclusive.

Unique aural pleasure is composed of many facets. This includes an exceptionally gifted composer, a successful score, a conductor fond of interpretations, a well-harmonised orchestra, world-class soloists and outstanding room acoustics. But is there a sound ideal, a dream sound at all? Or does this world only exist in our imagination? An approach to achieve the optimum natural sound is offered by our electronic room-acoustic system VIVACE.

VIVACE improves the room sound without affecting or changing its individual characteristics. The unique room-acoustics remain the same, strengths are enhanced and weaknesses compensated. A round, vivid sound is created providing the necessary balance between individual and perfect sound. This leads to an unforgettable aural experience.

For VIVACE the acoustic conditions of the existing room are always the base for designing the room acoustics - just like the already coloured canvas of a painter. With an additional sound energy applied pinpointed, VIVACE adds individual, fine brushstrokes where needed or draws completely new contours. For the creation of these additional reflections, VIVACE works with registrations of other acoustically excellent rooms, concert halls or churches as well as with sound-neutral impulse responses.

By means of the VIVACE processor the reverberation time, including early refelctions, can be more than doubled without any sound losses. The processor supports 64 input channels and 128 output channels at the same time; via the MADI interface it is possible to connect up to 192 input and 192 output channels.

The room signal is picked up by primary stage microphones and secondary room microphones. In the internal patented signal processing up to 32 microphone signals can be processed independently as well as in several independent processor layers. Four internal main processing engines and 32 additional engines generate via complex convolution algorithms up to 64 different decorrelated output signals which are distributed to the connected loudspeakers by delay and level routing.

In the processor it is possible to generate a multitude of early reflections, complex and in their composition exactly adjustable early and middle reverberation time as well as the statistical late reverberation. The composition of these parts is individually adjustable for each one of the 64 (respectively 128) outputs.

The signal processing is based on convolution algorithms, whereby the basic impulse responses can be defined freely. The setting parameters are sound characteristics, timing and level structure of the respective individual reflection sequences. Impulse responses can arbitrarily be edited and adjusted to the requirements of the respective installation.

The room-acoustic processor can be setup completely redundant, consisting of two redundant processors operated in parallel which are built as identical devices with a completely parallel signal processing.
The control functions via Ethernet. Both redundant processor units are continuously monitored via Ethernet, independent of the watchdog function.
The room-acoustic settings are stored in presets during the system start-up and can be retrieved via the network. The remote monitoring of the processor is possible by means of a router connection with the Internet. Service function, remote maintenance and online support can be arranged optionally.

After calibration, any number of presets with different sound characteristics is available for most diverse requirements from the soloist rehearsal up to a choir concert.
The selection of the presets is made via a web browser app and WLAN using any network-compatible device (e. g. Android, iPhone, iPad, windows tablet or notebook). The app is password-protected so that any unauthorized access is excluded. The WLAN, IP addresses and app password to be used can be determined by the user.

System Structure

VIVACE-certified loudspeakers and miniature microphones are used, each available in white or black. The microphones are 34 mm long and 12 mm in diameter. Usually they are installed directly underneath the room ceiling and are hardly perceptible.
The number and size of the loudspeakers used depend on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Systems are available in sizes from 5" to 12" with the dimensions of approx. 20 x 20 cm up to 50 x 50 cm. They are also available in black or white, against surcharge in each RAL colour.

Only a large number of individual loudspeakers distributed in the room ensures a homogeneous and inconspicuous acoustic integration in the room. That means in practice at least approx. 20 loudspeakers in small rooms and up to 60 and more loudspeakers in large halls. For areas with a low ceiling height, e. g. underneath balconies, additionally a large number of smaller loudspeakers is necessary due to the short hearing distance.
For the processor, all interfaces and power amplifiers a 19" rack with sufficient ventilation, at least 25 RU, is required.

VIVACE Rack with processor, interfaces and power amplifiers

Planing and Installation

The system will be designed by acousticians of Mueller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH or a certified company. The design comprises all devices required: processor, all necessary audio interfaces, power amplifiers, loudspeakers including mounting brackets and microphones.
For the system planning a 3-D room model is used, elaborated based on the architect's drawings. In this model all positions of the microphones and loudspeakers will be determined. The integrating company delivers and installs the devices according to the planning documents submitted.
The final inspection of the execution and the complete calibration are carried out by acousticians of Mueller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH.

typical reverberation times for eight presets

To be able to use the installed loudspeakers for surround sound and mixings as well, additional audio inputs can be made available by means of which line signals from the mixing desk or surround processor can be played. These signals are allocated to the desired loudspeaker channels in accordance with the user during programming.

Technical Data

- Audio-Interface MADI optical and coaxial
- Audio signal processing: 48 kHz, 24 bit
- Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- Number of channels processor: max. 64 inputs, 64 outputs (optional 128 outputs, optical)
- Number of MADI channels: max. 192 input channels and 192 output channels (optical and coaxial)
- Control: Ethernet, 100 Mbit/s, RJ-45
- Synchronisation: Wordclock In/Out, MADI In
- Operation monitoring: Watchdog function with relay contacts
- Power supply: 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: 600 W
- Operating temperature: 0 - 40 °C
- Admissible air humidity: 10% - 85% (no condensation)
- Dimensions: 19“, depth 700 mm, 2x 4 RU
- Weight: approx. 35 kg

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